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eduWeb 2008 in 140 words – From Dull Edge to Cutting Edge by Amy Stevens, Web Communications Manager at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

July 22nd, 2008 Karine Joly 1 Comment

Note from Karine: This year, I’ve asked all the eduWeb speakers working in universities/colleges to share in 140 words or less the biggest take-away from their presentation or table talk. If you’ve attended this session, feel free to weigh in by posting a comment, a question or a suggestion. Academic transparency is becoming more important […]

Celebrate Higher Ed Experts’ first anniversary with the Pick-and-Choose Webinar Series

April 2nd, 2008 Karine Joly No Comments

Higher Ed Experts was officially launched on April 23, 2007. It was supposed to go live on April 17, but it just didn’t feel right to do it as scheduled after the tragedy that stroke Virginia Tech. As you can imagine, I had many sleepless nights in April 2007 working on the launch of this […]

Registration deadline postponed to Friday Nov. 2 for “Podcasting and iTunes U Made Easy,” the next 3-webinar series by Higher Ed Experts

October 29th, 2007 Karine Joly No Comments

After receiving a couple of emails asking for more time to register for this upcoming series offered by Higher Ed Experts, I’ve decided to postpone the registration deadline to this Friday. If you’d like to attend this 3-webinar series priced at only $150, you can register online at

Want to find out how to promote academic excellence at your institution to potentially 25 million people? Register for “Podcasting Made Easy” Webinar Series by Friday!

October 23rd, 2007 Karine Joly No Comments

Reach 25 million people via podcasting??? Ok, there is a bit of marketing hype in the title of this post, but I got your attention – right? Besides, it’s not all hype since this upcoming 3-webinar series by Higher Ed Experts includes a session about iTunes U, Apple’s free audio and video streaming hosting service […]

Almost Live from EduWeb 2007 in Baltimore: iTunesU – Managing & Marketing University Media Assets

July 27th, 2007 Karine Joly No Comments

I’ve just realized that I haven’t posted this post Melissa Cheater, one of the 6 readers who did some guest blogging this year at EduWeb, sent me Wednesday morning after getting back to the office. Ken Ronkowitz, Media & Instructional Tech manager at NJIT and an excellent higher ed blogger at Serendipity 35, presented last […]

61% of admissions offices use at least one form of social media

July 22nd, 2007 Karine Joly No Comments

That’s one of the findings of “The Game Has Changed: College Admissions Outpace Corporations in Embracing Social Media,” the preliminary executive summary of a study conducted by 2 academics from the Center for Marketing Research of the University of Massachussets at Dartmouth: Nora Barnes, Ph.D. and Eric Mattson. This study is based on detailed interviews […]

Higher Ed Experts: 3 new professional development series – a total of 11 webinars – are open for registration

July 18th, 2007 Karine Joly No Comments

I’ve been working on these 3 new webinar series for a while now, and I hope you’ll find these 3 programs (11 webinars in total) by Higher Ed Experts interesting and useful for you, your team and your institution: Lights, Camera, Action – How to Add Online Videos to Your Marketing Mix September 11, 12, […]

2007 CIT: a conference focused on emerging technologies in community colleges

February 20th, 2007 Karine Joly No Comments

After taking some “time off” to wrap up two big typo3 upgrades, I’m back in full blogging mode. If your institution is a community college, chances are you’ve already heard about the League for Innovation in the Community College. [BTW, if it’s not, you might be more interested in my last post about other interesting […]

What makes a faculty podcast successful? The case of the “12 Byzantine Rulers” by Lars Brownworth

January 31st, 2007 Karine Joly No Comments

Faculty podcasting can be a great way to promote academic expertise to external audiences. As reported in “History Teacher Becomes Podcast Celebrity” published today in The New York Times, Lars Brownworth, a history teacher at a boarding school in Long Island, NY, the Stony Brook School, has become a podcasting success story with his series […]

One Year Later: Mansfield University’s Podcasting Initiative

December 12th, 2006 Karine Joly 5 Comments

If you’ve taken my 2006 Survey (if you haven’t, you’re passing a chance to win a $30 gift certificate from Amazon), you know that I asked readers to suggest how I can improve this blog in 2007. One of the suggestions I have received makes a lot of sense: to revisit some of the initiatives […]

How to showcase your faculty expertise with 10-minute weekly podcasts: California Western’s “Law in 10”

September 19th, 2006 Karine Joly No Comments

Podcasts and blogs are great ways to build long-term relationships with your target audiences and capture their interest (if not their heart). Thanks to RSS, it’s easy to turn casual web visitors into passionate regulars or dedicated evangelists. That’s why blogs and podcasts are such great tools to showcase the expertise of your faculty members. […]

Paul Baker, PR practitioner at WCER, from “Education PR”

June 20th, 2006 Karine Joly No Comments

Paul Baker works as a Senior University Relations Specialist at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research. This higher PR professional has been blogging for about a year at Here at WCER before moving to EducationPR. 1) Why did you decide to blog at that time and why did you switch blogs? Can you tell us […]

3 questions to a higher ed podcaster: C.C. Chapman, Digital Marketing Manager at Babson College, from “Managing the Gray”

May 19th, 2006 Karine Joly 1 Comment

In the (small?) world of podcasting, C.C. Chapman is well known for his music podcasts, Accident Hash and The U-Turn Cafe. Chapman has also done a lot of work with the Podsafe Music Network. What most of his regular listeners don’t know is that he is also the Digital Marketing Manager of Babson College. 1) […]

How to get your boss, VP or President up-to-speed with podcasts, blogs and RSS

May 2nd, 2006 Karine Joly No Comments

I’ve already mentioned an easy — free — way to get you, your boss or your colleagues up-to-speed with new media in a previous post. My offer to get you or anybody else in your institution started with a free Bloglines account loaded with the best higher ed RSS feeds is still on the table […]

Podcasting 201 and beyond: Check out the Podcast Academy’s Archive

April 30th, 2006 Karine Joly No Comments

A very interesting event took place this weekend at Boston University: The Podcast Academy. If you didn’t know or couldn’t make it, I’ve got good news for you: most of the sessions are already available — for free, but on a kind of sluggish server at the time of this writing — as podcasts or […]

Live from HigherEdBlogCon: 3 great case studies of admission-related podcasting initiatives

April 17th, 2006 Karine Joly 1 Comment

If you want to get the truth as well as great tips on how to launch your admission-related podcasts, just take a couple of hours to watch and read 3 case studies presented today (but available almost forever) at HigherEdBlogCon: Case Study: Blogging and Podcasting for Student Recruitment at Ball State University Nancy Prater Heather […]