Podcasting 201 and beyond: Check out the Podcast Academy’s Archive

April 30th, 2006 Karine Joly No Comments

A very interesting event took place this weekend at Boston University: The Podcast Academy.

If you didn’t know or couldn’t make it, I’ve got good news for you: most of the sessions are already available — for free, but on a kind of sluggish server at the time of this writing — as podcasts or video podcasts with their corresponding slides.

Here’s your syllabus including the most relevant sessions to higher ed podcasters:

(Doug Kaye, The Conversations Network)

Recording, Editing, Publishing: How to get started, a personal view
(Dan Bricklin, best known as the co-creator of VisiCalc, the first electronic spreadsheet)

Podcasting: The Concepts & Making them happen.
(Doug Kaye, The Conversations Network)

Equipment to fit your budget and goals!
Paul Figgiani, creator of The Point podcast, and audio engineer at IT conversations)

Developing Your Style
(Tony Kahn, BBC The World & WGBH)

Directories: Getting Listed
(Ethan Fasset, Yahoo!)

Metrics: “Who” and “How many” Questions
(John Federico, Audible.com; Mark McCrery, Podtrac; Peter Levitan, Ralston360)

Educational Podcasting
(David J. Malan, Harvard University; Richard Lucic and Zachary Pogue, Duke University )

Music and Licensing
(CC Chapman, Accident Hash, Podshow)
Podcast coming soon.

Recording Interviews and Phone Calls
(Doug Kaye, The Conversations Network)
Podcast coming soon.

Video Podcasting
(Steve Garfield, Rocketboom)
Podcast coming soon.

You can download everything from The Podcast Academy’s archive.

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