Announcing the 20 finalists of the Edu Blogger Scholarship Contest and the best blogs awards

March 31st, 2009 Karine Joly 3 Comments

I had 2 announcements related to higher ed blogging awards, so I thought it made sense to bundle both in a single post.

First, I’d like to announce the 20 finalists of the Edu Blogger Scholarship Contest “popularity” phase that ended yesterday:

Online College Edu Blogger Scholarship Contest

The next step will be for the judges of the Edu Blogger Scholarship Contest (Matt Herzberger, Stewart Foss and yours truly) to evaluate the quality and originality of the entered blog posts. After compiling these evaluations, we will announce the winner of the grand prize – the $1,500 scholarship – as well as the lucky winner of the 2 other prizes – the $500 door-prizes – drawn among all the contest entries on April 15.

You have until April 15 to nominate your favorite higher ed blogs (institutional, students and best higher ed blog) to participate in another popularity contest (well, the institutional and student blogs will be judged, but as far as the best higher ed blog goes, only a popular vote will be used): the blogging awards.

Here’s the page explaining how you can nominate a blog for the Best Student Blog and Best Institutional Blog and here’s the online form for the Best Higher Ed Blog.

For this last category, the rules are a bit different:

This category will be awarded as a “people’s choice” award only (not judged). Any blog related to higher-ed qualifies. Blogs maintained by judges of the eduStyle awards may win this award with the exception of “CollegeWebEditor” and the “eduStyle Blog”. Judges have no influence over the winner in this category. You may:

* Nominate as many blogs as you like
* Nominate your own blog
* Use any means you can conceive to encourage people to nominate your blog

Limit of 1 entry per blog per user of eduStyle.

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