When a Dean blogs for her students, faculty, staff and alums

April 11th, 2005 Karine Joly No Comments

While current students’ blogs are used more and more as promotional channels by marketing offices, you (at least, I) wouldn’t think that Deans were the blogging type. Somehow, I thought they just didn’t fit the blogger’s profile.

Well, I was wrong…

The Dean of Park School of Communications at Ithaca College in NY, Dianne Lynch, has been blogging since February 2005.

And, in her blog, “All Things Park – The sort-of official blog of the Park School at Ithaca College,” Dean Lynch uses blogging at its best.

This blog provides a lot of useful information to – and about – Park current students, but also faculty members and alums.

The engaging and informal style of “All Things Park” definitely offers a refreshing alternative to traditional formal communications from the Dean’s Office. This Dean’s blog could also prove to be a better way to get the message home (and beyond – with alums).

Dean Lynch is a national expert in the area of digital media, which probably explains her ability to use her blog as a very effective communication tool by:

  • sharing information about upcoming workshops or programs (to increase enrollment)
  • announcing campus events (to promote attendance)
  • requesting students’ feedback about policy changes (to involve students in the decision making process)
  • reporting on students awards or faculty achievements (to show the school’s academic excellence)
  • posting updates about internship or job opportunities

I believe our Presidents should start to blog as well.

Blogs are probably one of the best tools to capture the interest of and stay in touch with the Net Generation. That’s why I’m sure we’ll see more and more university/college executives blogging in the near future.

Does your Dean, VP or President blog? Please send me links at karine@collegewebeditor.com or post a comment below.

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