It’s a baby blog!

February 12th, 2005 Karine Joly 5 Comments

So, that’s it.

I’ve finally decided to start my own blog. After reading thousands of blog posts and developping an addiction to RSS (Really Simple Syndication), I’ve finally decided to join the growing camp of the blog writers.

Not for fame, not for money — well, maybe if the Google Ad Sense fairy bends over my baby blog’s crib –, but to go where no College Web Editor has gone before: to explore, organize and archive the wealth of information about marketing strategies, web applications, great tools, friendly (or not so friendly) vendors and anything that can be useful to the “chosen few” taking care of College/University websites.

It’s my first baby blog. So, if you’re lurking in the dark, be nice and come back often to follow its first steps.

I hope this will become a good resource for my fellow Web Editors/Webmasters in the World Wide Higher Education World.
But, please give me a couple of months.

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5 Responses

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  2. Paul Nozicka says:

    Interesting site/blog. I will be sure to monitor it via your feed. I have been a university webmaster for over 6 years and am currently working for my second major CA university as their webmaster. Kudos!

  3. Karine says:

    Thanks, Paul!

    I’ve just visited your blog. It seems that we had the same idea almost at the same time. Well, you were first. Anyway, I’m glad you found my blog and I’m sure we’ll have interesting exchanges in the future.

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