8 new interesting #highered voices to celebrate 8 years of collegewebeditor.com

February 12th, 2013 Karine Joly 2 Comments

applesIt’s been three years since I last highlighted the anniversary of this blog.

Even after 8 years of blogging covering higher education, I’m still amazed at how vibrant and resourceful our community can be. When I wrote my first post on February 12, 2005, I didn’t imagine this blog will bring so much to my life (readers, friends and many, many opportunities).

Over the years I have witnessed (and helped when I could) the rise of many voices in our higher ed community (Andrew Careaga, Kyle James when he launched .eduguru, Stewart Foss with eduStyle, Andrew Shaindlin, Mike Richwalsky, Karlyn Morissette, Rachel Reuben, Matt Herzberger and Brad J. Ward with BlogHighEd, Mark Greenfield with CUwebd, Nick DeNardis with EduCheckup, Dave Olsen, Patrick Powers, Seth Odell with HigherEdLive, Mallory Wood, Georgy Cohen and a few more).

This blog has often worked as an echo chamber for new voices in different ways (higher ed blogger scholarship contest, eduStyle blogging award, etc.)

So to stay true to this spirit, I’ve chosen to share with you 8 new interesting higher ed voices — as a way to celebrate my 8 years of blogging and 913 posts.

I’ve discovered the following blogs over the past year or so. Some of them have already made a name for themselves, others are just starting.

Liz Gross’ Blog

Liz Gross Blog

A Millenial Girl by Aundra Weissert

A Millenial Girl

Attention Economist by Adrian Ebsary

Attention Economist

Weedy Garden by Erik Runyon (ND.edu)

Weedy Garden by Erik Runyon

Matt Klawitter’s Blog

Matt Klawitter

TLB Tech Entries by Tiffany Broadbent Beker

TLB Tech Entries

Geoff Campbell’s Blog

Geoff Campbell

Ryan Catherwood’s Blog

Ryan Catherwood

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