Present at the 2019 #HigherEd Content Conference: Submit a proposal by Feb 13

February 5th, 2019 Karine Joly No Comments

Looking for great presentations for the 2019 Higher Ed Content Conference (April 17)

Welcoming hundreds of participants from close to 70 different institutions based in the US and Canada in April 2018, the 5th edition of the Higher Ed Content Conference was a big success.

This online conference focusing only on content strategy and content processes for higher education will be back this year on April 17, 2019 – and YOU can be part of it and help make it as good as (or even better than) its previous editions with your 10-min presentation proposals!

Top 5 reasons to present at the 2019 Higher Ed Content Conference?

  1. this online conference focuses entirely on content in higher education, so you get to connect and interact with content professionals facing similar challenges
  2. it’s composed of 10-minute sessions, so – as a presenter and a busy content strategist, manager or producer – you can focus on the essential and deliver an A-game presentation (no extra fluff needed :-)
  3. it’s an opportunity to present with top voices in higher ed content
  4. it’s a great way to get noticed by your peers or other conference organizers interested in content issues for higher education (even if you’ve never presented before at industry events)
  5. it doesn’t require a budget to present AND will even help you save some professional development money, because there is no need to travel AND presenters receive a free pass to attend this great online conference WITH their team (it’s worth $500).

Submit a proposal to the 2019 Higher Ed Content Conference

Want to help advance content strategy and practices in higher education?

Make sure you share your expertise and experience by submitting your presentation proposal for the 2019 Higher Ed Content Conference. The sessions will be 10-minute long, so you only have the time to focus on the most important and useful points.

Please submit your proposal before Feb 13 (next week!), so you don’t miss this great opportunity for your higher ed career :-)

The February 13 deadline to submit a proposal is a hard deadline – it won’t be postponed, because the conference program will be announced on February 20, 2019. So, whether or not your proposal is accepted, you will get notified super fast.

Not ready to present, but want to attend the conference?

We will have a limited number of seats as the online room is capped.

You can register now and secure your seat via credit card

Got questions?

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