Why register your team for the 2018 #HigherEd WEBSITES Conference on June 13?

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An online conference for the love of Higher Ed WEBSITES!

Digital marketing channelsI launched this blog 13 years ago as I was working as a web editor for a college in New Jersey. Back in 2005, social media was just an experiment and blogs were the next big thing. The Web had just started to become read AND write.
Higher ed websites were still the neglected children of the marketing and communication family.

More than a decade later, social media has risen, taken over and more recently stumbled a bit.
There’s not doubt that things are changing.
All the time.

Yet, your school website remains the reliable lighthouse in this digital storm for your institution – but also the user.

The 2018 Higher Ed WEBSITES Conference I’ve launched just a few weeks ago and will be hosting for Higher Ed Experts on June 13 is my attempt to help us all fall in love again with this digital young adult, your website, that now plays a key communication role in higher education.

Presented by your peers working for 12 higher ed web teams including one in Canada and another one in Australia, the sessions of the 2018 Higher Ed WEBSITES Conference will cover a variety of topics pertaining to the care, creation, redesign and management of your website.

It’s the right time of the year: the beginning of the summer!

The 2018 Higher Ed WEBSITES Conference is going to be a great opportunity to learn and brainstorm as a team to get fresh ideas, good tips and interesting avenues to explore as the summer kicks in.

The academic year can be pretty intense with admissions deadlines (May 1st, anybody?), graduation ceremonies, sometimes even reunions, and the end of the fiscal year with the last fundraising push.

By mid-June when the conference takes place, you’ll finally reach for the pause button of the crazy treadmill work can feel like in higher ed. Most students will have left campus and faculty will be gone or on its way out. Peace, quiet and uninterrupted focused work!

Leeds School Campus

With longer days and fewer emergencies dropped on you by campus stakeholders, summer is the perfect time to tackle your web projects. And, what better way than this 3.5-hour online conference on June 13 to give your team the reboot it needs to fall in love again with your higher ed websites?

It’s a great way to welcome different perspectives and fresh ideas to your office

Learning Opportunities for Higher Ed ProfessionalsThe 2018 Higher Ed WEBSITES Online Conference won’t technically get everybody out of the office as a regular conference or a team retreat would, but it will put your group in contact with a dozens of different perspectives from their peers working for colleges and universities in the US, Canada and even… Australia!

With no travel costs or downtime and a group registration fee smaller than what your school would pay to send one staff member to any training, this conference is a great addition to the professional diet of your web team.

It’s not meant to be a replacement for traditional conferences like HighEdWeb, EduWeb, edUI or other conferences catering to higher ed web professionals, but an affordable complement everybody working with/on websites on campus can attend in a very efficient and engaging 3.5-hour long lunch and learn.

Like other Higher Ed Experts conferences, it’s going to be a fun learning opportunity!

This is the 1st edition of this specific conference, but it will be the 17th online conference of THIS type we host and organize at Higher Ed Experts.

So, I know it will be fast-paced, fun and engaging.

But, don’t take my word for it, just watch below what a selection of past attendees from our 3 other annual conferences (Analytics, Content and Social Media) said about their learning experience.

So, what’s on the program of the 2018 Higher Ed WEBSITES Conference?

We have a great mix of sessions covering important topics as well as an exclusive: the top findings on higher ed websites from the 2018 E-Expectations Study conducted by Ruffalo Noel Levitz in March and April this year.

Stephanie Geyer (who has been in charge of the annual study since its launch more than a decade ago) will share this super fresh data on the expectations of your prospective students and your incoming class of freshmen when it comes to your website.

If you attend the 2018 Higher Ed WEBSITES Online Conference, you will also see several sessions focusing on research usability techniques, UX tools, processes, but also web accessibility, DDos attack server protection and more.

Want to find out more about the different sessions and the speakers?
Just check out the complete program on the conference page now!

2018 Higher Ed Websites Confernece

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