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August 19th, 2013 Karine Joly 7 Comments

LinkedIn launches University Pages

John Carroll University - LinkedInHave you heard the news yet?

When I did, I was updating my 8-week online course on social media marketing for higher ed before the next session starting after Labor Day.

LinkedIn has just launched a new service for universities and colleges: University Pages.

While these pages are presented as a tool to help recruit college-bound high school students (LinkedIn will change its TOS to reduce the age limit to 14 year old in the US starting September 12), they could definitely play a very interesting role for reaching out to and engaging with adult students and alums.

This morning, LinkedIn launched a beta with 200 institutions including John Carroll University

How does the backend look like?

Before requesting access to your page with the instructions below this screenshot, check out the admin panel (thanks to Mike Richwalsky for letting me take the screenshot!).

John Carroll University - Edit - LinkedIn

Here is a 2-min video from LinkedIn showing the different features.

How to request your Linkedin University Page

As explained in the FAQ, you must comply with a few requirements:

  • have a .edu email address added and confirmed on your LinkedIn account.
  • be a current employee of the school and your position is listed in the Experience section on your profile.
  • your school page does not already exist and is not represented under a different name

Contact LinkedIn with the following information:

  • Include the URL for your school’s official website.
  • List the country where your school is located.
  • If you will NOT be the administrator of the page, list the email address for the correct administrator.
  • If applicable, list the existing Company Page associated with your school.
  • If the school is part of a larger university system, please note any other existing University Pages.

LinkedIn will review your request and reply to you via email.

Got more questions about these pages, check out the FAQ.

Got a LinkedIn University Page? Share it below!

Post the URL of your University Page in a comment, so we can all get an idea of what’s out there.

Update: Mike Richwalsky shared his experience as an admin in a blog post.

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  4. Davina says:

    How do you choose which posts to put on a new University page vs an existing Company page?

  5. Hi Davina,
    The most important thing is to consider your audience. For the new University page, posts targeted towards prospects/new students are ideal (things happening at the school, positive graduation numbers/job placements, etc.). However, the company page should be targeted towards employees/potential employees, keeping in mind that potential students/current students/alumni could end up there. Don’t forget the groups, especially alumni groups, that are great for keeping alumni engaged with the school.
    We are just finishing a comprehensive paper about using LinkedIn with universities so I’ll send you a note about that too.

  6. Our webpage is up. Created in May.

    I wish we could have a better URL

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