Top Higher Ed Holiday Cards – 2010 Edition

December 14th, 2010 Karine Joly 30 Comments

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I love holidays cards from universities and colleges – especially, now that many institutions use video (fewer dead trees and more interactivity).

So, here’s a selection of my favorites. If you have a holiday card or have seen a cool one, post a comment and I’ll add it to this list.

Happy Holidays!

American University Card

University of Maryland Card

University of Washington Card

Carleton University Card

Edinboro University Card

Eckerd College Card

Wofford College Card

JCU Card

30 Responses

  1. H Knox says:

    Thanks for the nice collection of holiday cards Karine.

    Here are holiday greetings from the University at Albany, SUNY

  2. Joe Hice says:

    Whatever happened to the heart-felt-single-image-with-a-greeting holiday card. Not that these aren’t great, but I think we’re trying way too hard to be memorable.

  3. Bob Tupaj says:

    Here is a holiday greeting from Youngstown State University:

  4. Here’s the card for the CU-Boulder Alumni Association:

  5. Lynn Zawie says:

    I tend to agree with Joe. That said, here is ours at Stony Brook University.

  6. Great stuff. Ours pales in comparison — just an Animoto-ized display of some snowy campus pictures over music from our percussion ensemble:

  7. Here is the holiday greeting sent to the William & Mary community from our president, Taylor Reveley. The greeting features the artwork and musical talents of two William & Mary students.

  8. Jack says:

    The wofford video is funny because it is not snowing there

  9. Cayla says:

    It’s not supposed to be snowing at Wofford. It’s in South Carolina.

  10. Chelsea Waugaman says:

    These holiday cards are fantastic. Montgomery College, in Montgomery County, Maryland, has also created our first video e-card for the holiday season. I’m glad to hear that we are among such wonderful institutions in our efforts.

  11. Jean Hunt says:

    Love love love the American University card! Upbeat and it kept my attention.

  12. Bill Herndon says:

    Although I am now at Kansas State University, here is my former employer’s card.

  13. Sara says:

    Such fun! Here are two created by our student assistant. The first is the general “institutional” greeting, the second was created specifically for athletics.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  14. I hesitate to post this link to our holiday greeting since The Loomis Chaffee School is a boarding school, not a college, but I thought people might enjoy seeing our stop-motion “holiday Scramble.”

  15. Lori says:

    These are such fun!

    Please enjoy the holiday greeting from The University of Akron:

  16. Amber Balash says:

    Thanks, Karine! These are great!
    Ours (Malone University) is a bit long, but we thought the sound was beautiful!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone!

  17. If you need some Hallelujah chorus this season, Baker University has a holiday video for you:

  18. Gerry Nelson says:

    This holiday we are celebrating students!

    Happy Holidays from the University of Massachusetts Lowell!

  19. Amy Filardo says:

    We didn’t technically do a card but a month long Advent calendar instead. It’s not too late to enter for the prize from 12/17!! Happy holidays from Loyola University Maryland!

  20. A holiday e-card from the University of Michigan, featuring its iconic Block M logo in a trip around the globe.

  21. A holiday interactive e- card from the president of Iowa State University gives thousands of alumni an opportunity to help light one of the university’s landmark scenes.

  22. SPSCC Web says:

    This is our Holiday Card for South Puget Sound Community College, we have kind of a running snow man theme.

  23. Northern Illinois University’s holiday e-card. We chose to feature our community outreach to children this year.

  24. Love looking through all the creative cards and planning for this year’s. Here’s ours from 2011.

  25. Carole Custer says:

    Here is Iowa State University’s 4-year collection of holiday e-cards from our president

  26. The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Health Professions created our first e-card in 2011. Created in Powerpoint which anyone can do.

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