My 7-Step Plan to Your Marketing Measurement Strategy and a call to join the Higher Ed Analytics Revolution!

July 26th, 2010 Karine Joly 6 Comments

Have you heard about the news yet?

The Higher Ed Analytics Revolution has officially started! In the session I presented today at the eduWeb conference, I’ve finally got a chance to explain my plans for this revolution.

I want to help you change the way marketing decisions are made at your institution – most of the time they are based on hunches, guesses or opinions while it’s now possible to adopt a more data-driven approach with the help of Online Analytics.

Earlier today I shared my 7-step plan to develop a web analytics process. Technology wasn’t very cooperative this afternoon in Chicago as the AV guy had some trouble connecting my laptop to the projector and then forgot to plug back in my laptop with a dying battery, but I think I managed to get my message across.

I’ve uploaded my slide deck to Slideshare, so you can have a look at it.

In this presentation, I explain that we are going to start to collect data about 12 basic metrics along with some info about the size and type of your institution every month.

Our goal is to create and share some useful benchmarking data to help you inform your marketing decisions and develop a data-driven culture in your web, marketing or communication office.

If you’re interested and want to join the revolution, just register to receive updates and invitations to fill out the monthly benchmarking survey at

We will start on August 11, 2010 and you will have to submit your data to receive the monthly benchmarking report.

We want to start now and fine tune the segmentation options as we go, so your feedback, comments and suggestions are more than welcome at that stage.

We know it’s not going to be the perfect at the beginning but revolution aren’t done overnight, so let’s start now and aim for good enough, shall we?

6 Responses

  1. Matt Blum says:

    Great article, thanks for posting. With budgets the way they are these days, this plan of yours will work great. People are insistent about knowing their ROI on advertising, general branding is not getting it done!

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  3. Amanda Hvidsten says:

    I am curious to know which schools are participating and whether or not we can still sign up after Aug 11.

    Thank you

  4. Karine Joly says:

    As of this morning (August 12), we have about 50 schools that have expressed interest or already filled out the survey. The goal for this round is to reach at least 100. You can join later in the game, but if you have the data – you should really do it ASAP. Deadline is August 20 for the first round.

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