Higher Ed TV: Top 10 Fun YouTube Videos Featuring College/University Presidents

November 22nd, 2007 Karine Joly 1 Comment

To celebrate Thanksgiving with all this blog readers based in the US, I’ve prepared a selection of YouTube videos featuring 10 college/university presidents in unusual situations — i.e. they don’t give a speech or read a welcome message.

Here are the 10 university/colleges presidents listed by order of appearance:

  • Allegheny College President, Dr. Richard Cook, on a motorcycle
  • Butte College President, Dr. Diana Van Der Ploeg, throwing the first pitch of a baseball game
  • Malone College President, Dr. Gary Streit, featured in a fun spot about the football season
  • Oakwood College President, Dr. Delbert Baker, taking a dive in the swimming pool WITH his business suit to honor a promise
  • Portsmouth Ohio SSU President Dr. Rita Rice Morris parachuting from a plane
  • Coastal Carolina University President, David DeCenzo wearing his university mascot’s head
  • Bible College President, Dr. Mike Randall, wearing a fake mustache
  • Dickinson College President, Dr. William G. Durden, demonstrating how to tie a bowtie
  • Xavier University President, Father Michael Graham, answering questions during a student-run late-night comedy TV show
  • Upper Iowa University President, Dr. Alan Walker, getting his head shave in public

In this selection, some videos are a bit longish, so feel free to watch the beginning and skip to the next one by clicking on the right arrow on the YouTube screen.

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  1. These videos show the human side of higher ed leadership. Nice!

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