The Chronicle of Higher Education goes 2.0 with online video reports by Jeffrey Young

May 17th, 2007 Karine Joly No Comments

In a previous post titled “Professor Wesch from KSU featured in a great video report from The Chronicle,” I raved about the first online video report produced by Jeffrey Young, Web Editor at The Chronicle:

Produced by Jeffrey R. Young, the video report does an excellent job presenting Professor Wesch’s work at KSU as well as his famous YouTube video about Web 2.0.

So earlier this week, after watching his second online video report about Case Western’s SecondLife campus tour, I decided to email him to see if I could learn, for you my dear readers, more about about this new initiative from The Chronicle and… I just got a reply from Jeff!

How do you produce your online video reports?

Our video reports attempt to use the latest easy-to-use Web and multimedia tools to tell stories in ways that we can’t do in print. We’re using screen-capture software, Web cams, and digital recorders connected to the old-fashioned telephone to collect information — editing it all together in iMovie or Final Cut Express.

What type of topics could PR professionals working in universities and colleges pitch to get a chance to see their institution featured in one of these online video reports?

We’re looking to do more of these on a variety of topics, though for now technology is the main focus. The goal is to choose topics that benefit from showing and telling, and that are focused enough in scope that they can be addressed in 5 to 7 minutes.

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