Vassar College offers on-demand tours of its SecondLife campus

March 24th, 2007 Karine Joly No Comments

I’m just back from a short and random tour of campuses in SecondLife. I typed “university” and “colleges” in the search engine of the application to see what any regular visitor will find.

My journey took me to a few different places including the SL Island of Vassar College. On Vassar Island, a small but nice campus, visitors are invited to sit in a red and black flying saucer (well, not exactly, but that’s what I thought about when I saw it the first time) to take a guided tour of the premises.

Vassar on-demand tours in SL

During the tour, I was told by my flying machine how the institution uses different spots of its SL island such as the castle or the media garden.

Vassar Castle

Once the tour was over, I left a note on the comment board where visitors can leave notes for Bret Rydell, the SL name of the person responsible for this island – another very neat way to offer interactivity even outside of business hours.

BTW, if you haven’t read yet, Sardionerak’s report about Australian SL campuses, you should as he does a great job comparing three different ways to handle an SL presence.

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