Karine to speak about new media and crisis communication at the CASE Annual Conference for Senior Communications and Marketing Professionals in Philadephia, September 13-15

August 13th, 2006 Karine Joly No Comments

As announced last week by Andrew Careaga on his blog, Higher Ed Marketing, I’ll be leaving my cave and dusting off my laptop next month to present a couple of sessions with Joe Hice, associate vice president of marketing and public relations for the University of Florida, at the CASE Annual Conference for Senior Communications and Marketing Professionals in Philadelphia (that was probably the longest sentence I’ve ever written ;-)

We’re scheduled for 2 presentations about Web 2.0 (what I prefer to call the Read/Write Web or new online media) on September 14, 2006 described in the conference program as such:

Welcome to Web 2.0
What’s all this “Web 2.0” business, and what does it mean to your institution? Two online communications experts discuss the state of the Web today and offer some ideas about what the future may hold. Learn how the Web’s evolution into a social-networking medium will change the way your institution markets itself and handles public relations.

The Face(book) of Things to Come: Crisis Communications in a Networked World

Managing crises in today’s always-on, globally networked world requires new skills and a new way of thinking about the media and the messages. These days, getting your message out to the news media isn’t the only concern during a crisis. Two experts in online communications discuss how the advent of the Web can affect the way organizations shape their messages during challenging times.

The first presentation will give an overview of the new online (r)evolution and its impact on higher ed institutions. We’ll also try to include a glimpse at the future and provide a few good tips to get ready for what’s to come. In the second presentation, we plan to discuss a few crisis communication examples, study how all these new online media have changed the deal and what communication/PR professionals should integrate in their crisis communication plans to get ready for these new challenges.

If you (or your boss) plan to attend, take a few minutes to tell me what you think we should address in both presentations. You can email me at karine@collegewebeditor.com. Joe and I would like to make them as interesting and useful as possible. So, any input from future attendees will be appreciated :-)

If you have a great example to share, don’t be shy and shoot me a note too. I’m always looking for great ideas to showcase and share.

And, if you are in Philly on September 14 and want to get together with yours truly and Dan Karleen from Syndication for Higher Ed to talk about new online media and web over some food, let me know. Dan and I are trying to schedule one of those blogger meetups, except you don’t have to be a blogger to be part of it.

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