Redesigned & Responsive for Back-to-School: 6 new #highered websites

August 21st, 2014 Karine Joly 40 Comments

Redesign Season

Summer is the season of special projects in higher education. When students and faculty members leave campus to have fun in the sun, digital professionals are usually hard at work on the big projects that always get pushed back during the academic year.

That’s why we usually see a fresh crop of redesigned higher ed websites in August & September (January or early February are also common months for a relaunch).

Below is a selection (in no particular order) of 6 newly redesigned websites that have caught my attention since the beginning of the month.

If you’ve launched a redesigned website (and I would assume that it would be responsive as well), please add a link to the comment so we can build a bigger list for everybody to enjoy.

NC State

NC State - Aug 2014

Montana State University

Montana State - Aug 2014

Columbia College

Columbia College - Aug 2014



The University of Alabama in Huntsville

UAH - Aug 2014

The College of the Holy Cross

Holy Cross - Aug 2014

Share the other redesigned higher ed websites you’ve seen!

Let’s try to build a list that everybody can use.

Just post a comment with the URL of the redesigned website.

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