Why 500 of your #highered colleagues have taken @higheredexperts certificate online courses

June 23rd, 2014 Karine Joly 4 Comments

Can a hunch make an impact on 500 careers in higher education?

Looking at the enrollment data at Higher Ed Experts, it looks like it :-)

Exactly 3 years ago, it’s on a hunch that I asked Joshua Dodson to work with me on a crazy idea: a 4-week online course to help professionals working in higher ed unleash the power of digital analytics and the widely-used platform, Google Analytics. Used by 97% of the institutions at that time, GA was still a big mystery in most universities and colleges.

Despite many conference presentations focusing on analytics (I did a few) or 2-day workshops, most digital pros were still not using data to inform decisions.

Education was the answer.
But, it had to be real education, the kind that can only happen with a truly engaged learner, the kind that can only happen overtime – well, the kind your school offers to its college students.

That’s why our online courses were built on the sound instructional design principles I’ve had researched but also learned while developping an 11-week graduate MBA online course for SNHU.

That’s how the 1st Higher Ed Experts’ online course on Web Analytics for Higher Ed was designed, created and later launched in September 2011.
In early 2012, we launched 2 other courses: Responsive Web Design (taught by Stewart Foss) and Social Media Marketing (I teach this one) – and last year 2 other courses were added to the professional certificate portfolio: Web Writing and SEO.

Since their respective launch, these courses have been constantly updated by their instructors who keep providing personalized feedback on graded practical assignments you can use the next day at work.

I like to think that’s why 500 (yep, a big round number that prompted this post) of your higher ed colleagues have signed up for Higher Ed Experts’ professional certificate online courses.

But, don’t take my word for it :-)

Celebrating 500 students

Are you 1 of the #500higheredX? Please say “hi” using the twitter hashtag!

Why higher ed digital professionals love Higher Ed Experts professional certificate courses?

Ask any of our grads and they will tell you that the exclusive focus on higher ed is what makes our online courses work so well for people working in universities and colleges.

No time to ask yourself? No problem, I did it for you!

UPDATE (June, 30, 2014): Michelle Monti (@MeeshelleM), Digital Media Specialist at Brown University, explained via Skype why she took, liked it and a professional certificate course at Higher Ed Experts. The video interview is less than 3 minutes long.

Last week, Kelsey Seymour (@kelseylseymour), Communications Officer at UNB, told me via Skype why she took, liked and recommend a professional certificate course at Higher Ed Experts. The video interview is less than 2 minutes long.

Lydia Anthony (@Lydia_Anthony), Web Content Manager at Converse College also explained in this 90-second video why she liked and recommend the course she took at Higher Ed Experts last month.

Sounds interesting?

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