UPDATED: Has Facebook “Stolen” your FB official #highered page?

January 25th, 2012 Karine Joly 54 Comments

UPDATED on Jan 27, UWGB and other institutions got their official pages back, for details, check the bottom of this post.

After reading Todd Sanders’ blog post on how the official UWGB Facebook page was hijacked by Facebook (basically by switching the institutional page with the “community-generated” FB page), I asked Wednesday morning on Twitter and Facebook if anybody else in higher education had noticed any change.

And, it looks like a few other institutions are in the same boat including Ithaca College, Monroe CC, Radford University, etc.

Check yours and let us know if your official FB page has also been “stolen” by posting a comment below.

UPDATE: According to a comment posted by Brad J. Ward, this might be a change in progress at Facebook.

UPDATE (Jan 26, 2012): Todd Sanders got HIS page back and a comment from a Facebook employee explaining this was due to a glitch. It looks like Brad J. Ward (who is not in Kansas anymore ;0) talked to the Wizzard of Facebook behind the curtain)

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