The State of Mobile Web in #highered Survey Report

April 5th, 2011 Karine Joly 6 Comments

In February 2011 I ran my first survey about the State of Mobile Web in Higher Ed to provide the community with some insights on the new challenge that the mobile web has become.

The survey was a real success as a total of 230 professionals working mainly in the marketing, communication and web offices of 199 institutions of higher education completed this online survey over a 2-week period, from January 31st, 2011 to February 14, 2011.

You’ll find details about the following survey findings (as well as others) in the 6-page executive summary (PDF) including results and charts. This open and independent research work is supported by Higher Ed Experts (when you buy a webinar series, this is the kind of work you help fund :-).

State of Mobile Web in Higher Ed Survey ReportThe time is right for the Mobile Web in higher ed

  • 37% of the survey respondents provide a solution (mobile website, accessible website, native mobile device applications etc.) targeting and serving owners of mobile devices. They have implemented this solution within the last year in 68% of the cases.
  • 57% of the survey respondents plan to implement a solution in the future, in less than a year in 69% of the cases.

Target audiences for mobile solutions: students first, faculty & staff second

  • 89% of the survey respondents identify current students as a target audience for the mobile solution.
  • 86% of the survey respondents planning a solution will target prospective students.
  • 76% of the survey respondents with an existing solution want to serve faculty and staff.

On-the-go Goals: Supporting campus life, marketing & branding

  • 81% of the existing or planned mobile solutions have the goal of supporting campus life by providing a calendar of events, bus schedules or maps among others.
  • More than half of the surveyed institutions identify marketing and branding as a goal for their mobile web solution.

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