Web Redesign Wisdom for #highered: 3 tips from Matt Herzberger (FIU)

March 28th, 2011 Karine Joly No Comments

A website redesign is one of the toughest web projects you will ever tackle in higher education:

  • everbody wants to be on the homepage,
  • nobody wants to write the content
  • and it’s just a lot of work.

Matt Herzberger has survived many web redesigns including the major project he and his team at Florida International University completed in April 2010.

That’s why I asked him a few months ago to share his experience and expertise at the upcoming Web Redesign Boot Camp (April 12-14, 2011). Matt will present on the art and science you need to master to plan and manage a successful website redesign in higher education.

So, here’s a quick interview with Matt to give you some useful bits of web redesign wisdom :-)

Matt Herzberger1) How many web redesigns do you have under your belt?

I would guess somewhere over 70. I have definitely lost count at this point.

2) In your opinion, what is the top reason for redesign projects that fail?

  1. No research
  2. Heavy handed committee or politics

3) You will share many tips and tricks during your webinar, but can you give us 2 to 3 DON’Ts when it comes to web redesign?

  1. Don’t start with design, this isn’t lipstick on a pig – we are skilled professionals.
  2. Dont forget to learn from others, there are great peer sites that can help you on your redesign process.
  3. Dont skip the process, fast-tracking a redesign will get you into a spot where you are unhappy with the design right after it is done.

Web Redesign Boot Camp Planning or working on the web redesign of your higher ed website? Register for Web Redesign Boot Camp (April 12-14, 2011) to learn what you need to know.

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