Higher Ed TV: “The Making of Piece of Mind” from Vancouver Film School, a piece of viral-marketing art

February 14th, 2007 Karine Joly No Comments

What can you do when a video about one of your students’ academic work goes viral and gets viewed more than 500,000 times on YouTube?

Easy. Just follow Vancouver Film School‘s lead.

Get the student in front of a camera and do an interview to address the most frequently posted comments by YouTubers (not all +1,200 of them, though ;-).

You might have already watched the video created and produced by Ori Ben-Shabat, a VFS graduate: “Piece of Mind”. It’s smart, beautiful and full of visual effects. This video not only showcases the talent of this guy but also the expertise of the school.

But, what I’d like to point out today is the reply the school posted to YouTube last week after its student’s video went viral: “The Making of Piece of Mind.”

In this 7-minute video, VFS manages to let this talented student promotes the Canadian institution, its professors and its offering – all this done by presenting the work that went into “Piece of Mind.”

In 5 days, this second video got viewed more than a 1,000 times.
Very, very good for a piece of viral marketing for the admission office.

With more than 140 videos available on its YouTube channel, VFS has clearly become expert at using YouTube as a marketing venue.

Definitely an example to study closely if you’re thinking about using YouTube for your institution marketing.

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