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1-1-1 Express Book Review: Beginning WordPress 3 by Stephanie Leary

February 17th, 2011 Karine Joly 1 Comment

It’s been awhile since I wanted to review Stephanie Leary’s book about WordPress 3.0. I bought the Kindle version last October while I was getting ready to present a WordPress session at the CASE Conference for Publications Professionals. I’ve been using WordPress for the past 6 years. I started this blog with WP 1.2 in […]

Why WordPress can be the right CMS for #highered websites

February 15th, 2011 Karine Joly 12 Comments

In higher education, the CMS question is a million-dollar one. Well, maybe not literally, although choosing the wrong Web content management system can result in costs and ineffencies worth millions of dollars. A CMS that isn’t used by content contributors across campus doesn’t do any good to an insitution, which explains why ease-of-use is often […]

How to create and publish email newsletters with WordPress

November 8th, 2010 Karine Joly 5 Comments

Email newsletters and WordPress have been on my mind today for two reasons: I’m presenting a session on how to use WordPress to create the online version of your print magazine at the CASE Conference for Publications Professionals in New Orleans on Thursday. I’ll be hosting Email Newsletters 360: How to create email newsletters that […]

A WordPress 3.0 theme to do more with less at The University of Alabama

August 26th, 2010 Karine Joly 3 Comments

Offering a consistent look and feel on the Web at a big university is a challenge. When implementing a content management system across hundreds of units or departments isn’t an option – for budget reason, some institutions have to adopt a different approach. At the University of Alabama, the central web communications team includes only […]

Swarthmore College runs the online version of its magazine on WordPress

October 27th, 2009 Karine Joly 13 Comments

Since I started this blog in February 2005 with its version 1.2, WordPress has become one of (probably the) best online publishing tool out there. Can you believe version 2.9 will be released in a couple of months? Naturally, as higher ed print magazines have started to go digital or even paperless, more and more […]

Bates College goes beyond the usual homepage redesign with Home 4 running on WordPress

September 21st, 2009 Karine Joly 4 Comments

Have you seen Bates College’s new homepage? You should check it out. It is really different and innovative. Bates College Not because it uses fancy graphics or animations, but because Jay Collier and his team at Bates College have decided to make this redesigned homepage more than just a collection of the usual navigation scheme, […]

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