Higher Ed Facebook Applications

This is a selection of Facebook applications related to higher education. If you have developed an application that could be added to this list, please email me at karine@collegewebeditor.com so I can review it.

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Developed by (or on the behalf of) universities/colleges

Course Profiles
Course application from the Open University (UK).

Plattsburgh Ultimate Challenge – Challenge targeted to prospective students of the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh

News, calendars and more

Library catalog search and other tools

Developed by third-parties (students, vendors, agencies, etc.)
Blackboard Sync developed by Blackboard Inc. – delivers course information and updates from Blackboard

  • Husky Cam
    Put a picture of the University of Washington webcam on profiles – automatically updated every 5 minutes.
  • What’s happening UVM?
    Keep the University of Vermont and surrounding community members informed about the many events — from lectures to plays — happening on campus.
  • Language Exchange
    Find the right language exchange partner according to the compatibility with your personal interests and your availability.
  • #1 College
    Vote for the most popular American College/University.

College selection process

  • myFavSchools (Hobson)
  • Gradzilla (US & World News Report)
  • College Admissions
    The most admissions data anywhere online. See where your friends are getting in. Show where you’ve applied in your profile. Find out your chances at hundreds of schools with the most advanced tool on the web.
  • College Planner
    Research and keep track of colleges of interest, and share them with friends.
  • College: The Numbers
    Kaplan teamed up with students at Stanford University Input your test scores and GPA and immediately see how you compare against other students applying to a college.
  • mycollegeapps
    Track, share, and discuss your college application experience.
  • SkoolPool
    Help talk about colleges and universities with peers

3 Responses

  1. We at the Office of International Studies at the University of Central Florida are beginning to develop a web presence on Facebook. Search Facebook for UCF and you should find it.
    Rusty Okoniewski
    Assistant Director
    Office of International Studies
    University of Central Florida

  2. Gary Gil says:

    Another application is Podclass, which enables complete teaching and learning inside of Facebook. We have also developed an API to connect with Moodle, so students and teachers who use a Podclass-enabled Moodle can access their course content inside of Facebook.

    The app can be found at: http://apps.facebook.com/podclass

    Gary Gil
    Founder & CEO
    Podclass, Inc.

  3. Karine,

    You’re missing a number of Courses applications. Ours, http://apps.facebook.com/courses, plus Courses 2.0, and all those rate my professor apps and what not. Might want to update your list!

    I’m glad to see someone keeping a directory of efforts on Facebook. Keep up the good work!


    Michael Staton

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