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When I started this blog in February 2005, the higher ed Web, marketing, PR and admission blogosphere counted a handful of blogs. Since 2005, many have joined the conversation sharing their personal experience and their insights.

Blogs selected for this list have been in my RSS reader for a while. The goal of this higher ed bloggers’ directory isn’t to be exhaustive, but to point to quality blogs.

If you have started a blog yourself (or have been reading a good one that isn’t listed here), send me an email at karine@collegewebeditor.com. After I read your posts for 6 to 8 weeks (many would-be bloggers stop after 2 months), I will be happy to add to this list any blog that deals with web, marketing, PR, new media, emerging technologies, admission, institutional advancement in higher education.

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  1. […] ensuring that it is part of a national index can be valuable both to the team and the community? If US Universities can provide a listing of blogs from their sector the smaller and more focussed community we have in the UK should be able to do even better, I would […]

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