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October 7th, 2015 Karine Joly 25 Comments

The Big #heweb15 Recap

Home   HighEdWeb 2015 I didn’t make it to the HighEdWeb Conference this year, but I did follow the #heweb15 backchannel on Twitter & read the posts about the conference sessions published by the excellent team of bloggers from LINK, the journal of the HighEdWeb Association.

So, here are the slides I was able to find so far as well as the posts from LINK and notes from conference attendees.

I will update this page as more slides are published, so please if you presented and posted your slides on Slideshare or any other slides web service, leave the link in the comment so I can update this post.

Selection of slides from the 2015 HighEdWeb Conference

Tragedy, Pitchforks and Twitter: Managing Campus Crises on Social Media – BEST OF CONFERENCE

Demystifying Responsive Email – BEST OF TRACK

Slacking Off at Work – BEST OF TRACK

Improv the Situation (GOOGLE Slides) – BEST OF TRACK

Your Website is a Window, Not a Billboard – BEST OF TRACK

Check yo self(ie) – BEST OF TRACK

I Believe I Can See the Future

Using Data to Inform Content

Data Driven Design & Digital Marketing Strategy

Metropolis and Gotham: Two Approaches to Enterprise Site Development

A Fresh Perspective on Responsive Design

Stop reinventing the wheel: Build Responsive Websites Using Bootstrap

As Easy As Herding Squirrels: Managing Social Media on Your Campus

I Shouldn’t Need a Doctorate to Read Your Website

Web Strategery: An Effective Way to Say No to “Click Here”

How life lessons from Jane Austen helped a one-person communications team

It Takes A Campus To Raise A (Web Professionals) Community

Playing politics, level up

Create a Batman Not a Robin

Big Project, Small Staff, Tight Deadlines: How to Create the Perfect Storm for Inst’l Web Migration

Building an Organized, Automated, and Sustainable Workflow Using Bower, Grunt, and Github

Snapchat: More than selfies

Little Yellow Boxes: Search is the Content King-Maker

Looking Good, Looking Forward: Tips and Tricks to Give Your Content a Visual Makeover

Redefining content with Infographics

Finding Your Way – Big Data vs. Wayfinding On Your Campus

Make the Web Faster: Web Performance Best Practices You Should Be Using Today

Fostering A Community of Collaboration and Learning

Must-read blog posts published on LINK

I know how hard it is to blog a conference while attending it – and this year again, the LINK team has done an amazing job. So, you definitely need to read ALL their posts.

A Fresh Perspective on Responsive Web Design

Bare Bones Content Strategy: Simple Ideas for Sustainable Change on the Web

6 Qs with Scott Stratten (@unmarketing)

Creating the Competitive Edge: Making Student Learning Experiences Valuable for the Job Market

The Web Culture Shift

Gap in college and university strategic enrollment planning

Go Bold or Go Home

Learning to Love the Anonymous User

Using Data to Inform Content

Tragedy, Pitchforks, and Twitter

How to Boil the Ocean

Be Kind, For Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle #MPD1

Web Strategery: An Effective Way to Say No to “Click Here”

Snapchat: Yes, You Should Be Using This App

Future of Social Media in HigherEd

Accessibility 101

Data-Driven Design and Marketing Strategy

Conference notes from K Sherman about the sessions he attended.
Weekly Roundup: HighEdWeb Visual Content Edition

Don’t see your slides or your post(s) above?

Post a link to your presentation slides or your conference posts so I can add them to this post.

Into Social Media & looking for another conference to attend with your team?

Check out the speaker line up and the program of the 3rd Annual Higher Ed Social Media Conference (Dec 2, 2015) – no travel required for this one :-)

Higher Ed Social Media Conference

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