Got Content issues? Register your team for the 2014 #highered Content Conference (Apr 30, 2014) #HEC14

March 18th, 2014 Karine Joly No Comments

“What about content?”

If you have ever heard this question while planning or discussing a website redesign, a social media campaign or an email marketing program at your school, the 2014 Higher Ed Content Conference is for you, your team — and all your content contributors on campus!


With its different audiences, goals and content authors, there is indeed a special place in content strategy hell for higher education ;-)

That’s why presentations on content and entire conferences on content strategy are currently so popular in our industry. That’s also why, back in February 2011, I invited Kristina Halvorson to give her first presentation on content strategy for higher education, a master class hosted by Higher Ed Experts.

You’re on board with content strategy, but what about the rest of your campus?

If you have already attended a conference on content strategy (and seen the light) or even managed to get your boss or a couple of colleagues to come with you, I’m pretty sure you wish you could bring ALL your content contributors and decisions makers to these events.

2014 HIgher Ed Content Conference

This would be the perfect way to have everybody finally on the same (right) page when it comes to the role of content strategy for your institution, right?

Yet, you and I know this is just not possible — as no resulting out-of-this-world content strategy could justify the cost to fly everybody to these events.

That’s why I decided to organize the 2014 Higher Ed Content Conference, a 3.5-hour online event featuring 13 of your higher ed colleagues (from the US and 3 other countries) presenting on a wide array of topics focusing on content strategy and good practices in higher education.

Entirely focused on content strategy and digital content processes in higher ed, the goal of the 2014 Higher Ed Content Online Conference is to provide the community with content solutions to real higher ed problems.

This online conference will inspire the higher ed content strategist in you and help you get conversations on content strategy started (or rolling) at your institution.

Sounds good. But, what’s the catch?

While you can have your entire campus content community attend this event with a single $400-registration (as long as you hook the connected computer to a screen in a big enough room), there is indeed a catch:
available virtual seats are very limited and will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

As usual the recordings of the 13 sessions will be accessible to registered institutions for 12 months, so you can also organize a series of lunch & learn sessions in the future with your content community.

A couple of schools have already done it with our online conferences on social media for higher ed. They watch together one of the 10-minute sessions and follow it by a discussion or a brainstorming session. With 13 sessions featured in the program at the 2014 Higher Ed Content Conference, you can schedule a year of these lunch & learn sessions on your campus at no extra cost.

Interested? Register your team as soon as possible to secure your seat!

Higher Ed Content Conference Line-Up

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