Missed the #pseweb conference? Check out the slides and the 1st keynote video!

June 27th, 2013 Karine Joly No Comments

@tsand, @karinejoly and @robin2go - Photo by @joelddixon

@tsand, @karinejoly and @robin2go – Photo by @joelddixon

It’s been just a few hours since I’m back from Vancouver where I presented at the #PSEweb conference, the Canadian version of the High Ed Web Conference (although they are only affiliated in spirit not structurally as Melissa Cheater, the PSEWeb conference magician-organizer explained to the audience).

It was the 4th edition of the conference — and what a great experience (best conference speaker gift ever: BC smoked salmon!)

Stewart Foss’ Keynote on Student Experience Design: Slides & Video

Stewart Foss, eduStyle founder who teaches Higher Ed Experts course on responsive web design for higher ed gave the 1st keynote that was streamed live via Google on Air by Robin Smail (THE Robin2Go).

Stewart talked about focusing on student experience design for higher ed websites, reminding everybody that students should be at the core of any web design decisions in universities and colleges.

Think of your content calendars as advent calendars – full of goodies!

advent calendar in @tsand keynote at pseweb

This should be the template for your content calendars!

Todd Sanders from UWGB was the second keynote speaker (unfortunately the Internet Gods didn’t let Robin streamed this talk due to bandwidth issues at the conference venue).

Todd talked about the social web and gave attendees many reasons to play more with social media, to test, but also to reconnect with its human side.

My favorite piece of advice from Todd’s keynote had to do with content calendars.

Our higher ed conversation/content calendars need to be less like our Outlook/Gmail calendars – full of meetings and events.

Instead, Social media calendars in higher education should be more like the Advent calendar we give kids before the holidays – full of suprises.

A short selection of other #psweb presentations

I gave my presentation on the terms of service and other policies from the top social media platforms for the first time at this conference. I’m scheduled to give this one again at eduWeb in July and High Ed Web in Buffalo in October.

However, I haven’t posted my slides yet as they include examples of institutions breaking these TOS — and I don’t want to out anybody by drawing any attention that could result in account suspension for the offenders. I will release later this summer an online resource to share the practical advice.

Some presenters have already made available their slides, so here is what I was able to collect through a quick search (feel free to add a link to your preso in the comments as I’ll be happy to update this post)

When the lights go out: Crisis Communications and Social Media by Tom Cochrane

Establishing a Social Media Program by Mike McCeady

Digital Kids on Branding, Privacy and Technology Bias by Andrew Smyk

IT vs Marketing – Collaboration between technology and marketing by ean-Paul Rains

Web Accessibility Demystified, by Penny Harding

Answering a complicated question with the power of Youtube by Steve Krysak

Digital marketing best practices 2013 in higher ed by Philippe Taza

ResponsiveCSS3Polyfill Bootstrap Grid by Shahab Lashkari

Hot Or Not – Anticipating, Recognizing and Integrating The Next Big Thing In Social Media by Hamza Khan

How to be Awesome by Robin Smail

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