“Don’t Make Me Tweet at #heweb10” Video: 7 tips to avoid #heweb09 keynote FAIL

October 12th, 2010 Karine Joly 4 Comments

I mentioned earlier this morning in the Higher Ed Experts newsletter that I had been working with a few folks from the higher ed web community on a video project to welcome and support Steve Krug, today’s keynote speaker at the High Ed Web Conference currently taking place in Cincinnati, OH.

If you are not one of the +500 conference attendees, here’s a link to this 2-minute fun little video:

Big thanks go to Todd Sanders & family, the Higher Ed Experts faculty: Matt Herzberger, Shelley Keith, Nick DeNardis, Rachel Reuben, Mark Greenfield, Shelby Thayer and Mike Richwalsky as well as the Ninja from askaninja.com who all star in this video (I’m the one with the thick accent in case you’re wondering).

Todd Sanders (@tsand) and I worked on the script and the creative part. Todd also managed all the video editing work and the “special effects,” but I’m sure you can tell as his name is literally all over this video (haven’t noticed the “Easter eggs” he placed here and there, have a second look at the video).

Tell us what you think here or on YouTube, we’d love to hear your feedback.

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  3. ILEAD India says:

    An appreciative step taken up by Todd Sanders et al. The tips to effective twittering are also useful in social media marketing.

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