How to get a branded YouTube Channel for your institution? Just apply to YouTube EDU

March 27th, 2009 Karine Joly 57 Comments

It looks like the wait is finally over: YouTube just launched yesterday its new channel dedicated to videos produced by higher ed institutions and finally came up with a clear way to apply to get the education partner status.

And, you can thank YouTube employees if you know any, because this baby is the results of their work as explained in this paragraph in yesterday’s release notes published on YouTube’s blog:

Do You EDU? Educational Hub Launches: Using YouTube as a vehicle to democratize learning is one of the coolest, unintended outcomes of its existence. YouTube EDU is a volunteer project sparked by a group of employees who wanted to find a better way to collect and highlight all the great educational content being uploaded to YouTube by colleges and universities.

I’ve been writing about this topic for sometimes, providing some tips for your YouTube videos or suggesting last summer among others the non-profit status workaround, so I was really excited when I found out about YouTube EDU, its new portal aggregating content from colleges and universities (via @nancypricer on Twitter).

Beyond showcasing the most viewed videos produced by higher ed institutions as well as the most subscribed channels, YouTube EDU also offers to its visitors what seems to be a comprehensive directory of its college and university partners along with a dedicated search engine.

So. how do you get your YouTube channel on YouTube EDU if you’re not there yet?

Very easily.
Follow these steps and tips

  • Just fill out this online form requesting your YouTube username and some basic contact information.
  • Make sure you just do a single application per institution (YouTube advises offices, departments and other entities to seek guidance from Public Affairs or Academic Technology)
  • Use your institutional email account in the application
  • Be patient as the new partners will be included on a periodic basis as specified in the introduction of the form.
  • For now, YouTube will only consider applications from “qualifying two- and four-year degree granting public and private colleges and universities.”

I’d love to figure out how long the average wait is going to be.

So, please post a comment including the date of your application submission and come back to tell us when you’re finally added.

57 Responses

  1. Erik says:

    Just added California Lutheran University: 3-27-09.

    We already had an account (CalLutheran) so I’m hoping we can keep it and just get upgraded to a branded account. Its about time we had something this easy! Woo hoo!

  2. Hannah Hiles says:

    I’ve just applied for Keele University – March 27 – we shall see how long it takes!!

  3. Newman University in Wichita, KS. Just applied 3-27-09.

  4. Just applied for Tecnológico de Monterrey: March 27, 2009.

  5. Lori Nidoh says:

    just applied for The University of Scranton

  6. Will P. says:

    Just applied for Lake Forest College 3/27/09.

  7. Bruce Floyd says:

    Just applied for the University of Florida: 3/27/09

  8. I just applied for Lethbridge College: March 28, 2009

  9. jpeek345 says:

    If its anything like their new advertising dep., be prepared for incredibly high college interns who don’t return your emails.

  10. Jenny says:

    We applied for the Partner program a month or so ago and while we weren’t accepted for that we were accepted (pretty quickly) to be an Education partner and now it’s actually being advertised as such. We aren’t listed on the Directory though. From my quick scan of the list it only appears to be US unis.

  11. just added Imperial College London 30/03/09

  12. Karine Joly says:

    Thanks everybody for posting your application date. Don’t forget to come back to tell us when you are added.

    Jenny, I think there is a school from India in the directory. So, it might not be US only, but that’s an interesting info. Keep us posted if this changes.

  13. wendy says:

    Our university received branding approval a month ago but we are not listed on Does anyone know how we get listed?

  14. Just applied for Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York — 30 March 2009.

  15. Mike Henderson says:

    Applied Adams State College on March 30.

  16. Applied for Misericordia University on March 30

  17. Tim Brixius says:

    Applied Franklin & Marshall College on March 27.

  18. Just Applied – March 30 – Wonder our existing YC YouTube content will automatically be migrated over?

  19. […] etc) so uploading to YouTube has become more and more frequent.  Interestd to hear today (from Karine Joly – thx!) that YouTube EDU has been launched and works as a portal page that displays content from […]

  20. Just received EDU partner approval for Lethbridge College on March 30th. I’m very excited about the branding options. I love that you can have an image map in the custom YouTube banner and have links back to the college site. Check out I’m still working on branding it, but very excited. Thanks Karine for pointing this option out to me.

  21. Mike Henderson says:

    Received an acceptance email from YouTube this morning, fast turn-around. (Adams State College) March 31

  22. Eric Hobart says:

    Just applied for Norwich University. Hoping we can port over our partner site content to the new EDU partner setup.

  23. Jim Marko says:

    New Jersey Institute of Technology applied this morning … March 31

  24. Just applied for University of Bath – 31st March

  25. Jess says:

    I just applied this morning for Suffolk University.


  26. Karen Pederson says:

    Marylhurst University applied today.

  27. Hi, applied on March 27th as well. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to be approved. Has anyone received notification yet?

  28. Applied on March 30.

  29. Erik says:

    California Lutheran University – I applied on 3-27 and got the acceptance email last night 3-30. Pretty quick.

    I can’t get to my main Account page – it says “This functionality is not available right now. Please try again later. ” I assume they’re upgrading it.

  30. Fitchburg State College just applied.

  31. Thomas Meyer says:

    St. Louis University

  32. Nancy Pricer says:

    Tarleton State University applied on March 26 and found out we were approved April 1.

  33. College of the Rockies applied on April 2

  34. Amy Neil says:

    West Virginia University applied on March 30.

  35. John M says:

    At UW-Parkside, we applied and have heard nothing — not even a note saying, “Hey, you applied!”
    Is that par for the course?

  36. Lewis & Clark College applied on March 27…

  37. Universidad Austral de Chile registrada hoy!!!

  38. Brian Benedetti says:

    Pierce College applied on April 5

  39. Jay Buckner says:

    Berea College, Ky., applied for an EDU account on March 24.

  40. Bryn L says:

    Monmouth College applied on March 27. Still haven’t heard anything.

  41. Jason says:

    The University of Baltimore applied on March 27. No notification yet.

  42. Karen Pederson says:

    Marylhurst University’s application was approved in one day. Amazing. I still need to “brand” our channel so we’re not listed in the EDU directory yet.

  43. Applied March 26th, accepted March 31st. Check out ad “Come Home to CSUN…” on left side under profile statement and YouTube Channels under featured video and Closed Captioning and great banner and…

  44. Hello … just checking out your blog for the first time … good stuff …

    German Jordanian University (GJU) applied to YouTube for a partner channel on April 2nd … Still have not heard back … but hoping for success …

    We would love to be the first university in the Middle East to have a channel !!!

  45. Fayetteville State University applied on March 31.

  46. Another important benefit of using You Tube is that many student mobile devices are able to view You Tube videos.

    This is not universally true for other video hosting Web sites or if an institution chose to host the videos on their own site. You Tube has a huge advantage as they have already worked with mobile device manufactures to ensure You Tube videos will play correctly on mobile phones.

  47. Jason says:

    The University of Baltimore’s channel was approved on April 15. Our first choice user name was already taken by another institution, but the Google rep was extremely helpful in reclaiming our second choice which had apparently been abandoned. Thanks, Obie!

  48. Angela Wood says:

    Spelman College in Atlanta, Ga applied on April 20.

  49. Requested account on March 27 and received acceptance today, April 23.

    Thanks for the heads up Karin!

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