Meet the Parents: Get an exclusive look at Noel-Levitz’s survey results about Parents’ E-expectations

September 3rd, 2008 Karine Joly 2 Comments

Last July at the eduWeb conference, Stephanie Geyer, Associate VP for E-communications and Web Strategy at Noel-Levitz, presented the results of a recent online survey her company conducted in June 2008 with 454 parents.

At that time in a blog post titled “Live blogging from eduWeb 2008 – Circling Over Enrollment: The E-Expectations of Parents by Stephanie Geyer from Noel-Levitz,” I shared the (incomplete) notes I had been able to take during the presentation.

Even though I interviewed Ms. Geyer a couple of times about her other surveys in the past, this was the first time I met her in person.

However, when she offered to share the complete results of this online survey with you, my dear readers, she demonstrated a pretty good knowledge of what makes the community steward that I am tick – exclusive content.

A white paper will be published soon, but YOU get to see all the raw survey results now.
Neat, isn’t it? I think so, too

I would have linked directly to the online survey results from Survey Monkey, but couldn’t as some survey respondents shared their email address and phone numbers. So, instead I did some very minor layout work and removed the open-ended questions (More than 400 answers are not easy to process).

I hope this raw data offered as a 6-page PDF file will help you come up with a comprehensive electronic communication strategy targeted to parents of prospective and, ultimately, design better web pages or email campaigns.

And, if you have feedback or questions about these survey results, feel free to post your comments. They will be read by Stephanie Geyer who is really interested in your opinion about them.

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