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November 20th, 2006 Karine Joly 7 Comments

More and more higher ed Web teams use blogs to keep stakeholders or constituents updated about their work and share interesting information about the Web.

Lately, I’ve come across a few good examples.

No reason to keep them to myself, so here they are (no ranks, no favorites — just an unordered list)

UC Davis Web CMS Initiative:
Launched in June 2006 by Elliot Lopez, this blog is part of a special website dedicated to the selection and implementation of a content management system at this institution.

Virginia Tech’s Web Development Blog:
Started earlier this month by Mike Dame, this blog is meant as a 2-way communication channels between this institution’s web team and the campus community, a “lifeline to Web Communications, offering a chance not only to keep up-to-date, but also to ask questions and offer comments along the way.”

Relaunching BSU.EDU:
I’ve already mentioned this blog by Nancy Prater, but it’s certainly a good example on how to use a blog for a major project such as the relaunch of an institution’s website.

UB Web Services Blog:
Although not updated as often as it could, this blog was launched a year ago and allows the Office of the Provost Web Team at the University at Buffalo to share useful information with its constituents.

University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) Web Development Blog:
Maintained by Jesse Rodgers, UW Web Communication Manager, is also a good example on how blogs can be used to share important and useful information in an informal and personal way.

CSUC Institutional Knowledge:
Another good web team blog launched in October 2005 and maintained by Patrick Berry and Scott Jungling

Penn State DAS Rose Pruyne’s Blog:
Rose started this blog in June 2006, but had been blogging on another group blog at her institution for a while before launching this one.

Do you know other blogs maintained by higher ed Web teams on their institution’s servers and domains (I don’t mean a personal blog)? Please do share their web addresses by posting a comment!

I did omit a very good one, just to see if you’re not asleep. Which one is it?

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  1. Mike Dame says:

    I follow N.C. State’s blog on a regular basis — (Is that the one you omitted?) Their team is doing a great job keeping the campus community informed about their CMS implementation, which is being paired simultaneously with a web redesign project. Now that takes some bravery!

  2. I follow Humbolt State — — and the University of Washington Business School —

    With the UW, I kinda like that they have minutes of their team meetings. Gives me a glimpse of their inner workings.

    Most of your links are new to me and look quite interesting: thanks!

  3. Sardionerak says:

    Thank you for this list! I put a few into my RSS feeds. And obviously, you omitted the fantastic Collegewebeditor blog :-)

  4. Daniel says:

    The web team at the University of Sydney publish a blog.

    I’ve just started working there so hope to begin blogging soon.

    Actually this post would be a good first thing to link to…

  5. Rachel says:

    SUNY New Paltz is blogging about their portal conversion:

  6. Karine Joly says:

    Thanks for sharing your links, Mike, Elaine and Rachel.

    Sardionerak – thanks for thinking of CWE, but I was thinking about another one: Serendipity 35 at NJIT.

    Daniel, of course, I know Templatedata (it’s in my blogroll and RSS reader) – happy to learn that despite Georg’s leave, there will be some blogging action soon over there.

  7. Niki Stanley says:

    We publish a Web development blog here at the University of Missouri-Columbia:

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