Top 10 #highered posts published on (Jan-Jun 2014)

July 3rd, 2014 Karine Joly 2 Comments

Learning Opportunities for Higher Ed Professionals

Time to catch up on your reading?

With the upcoming long holiday weekend, I thought you might have a bit more time to catch up on your reading.

I’m sure you have already plenty of options, but do you know what made your higher ed colleagues tick (or click) this year so far?

10 posts for a total of 14K pageviews

Here’s the list of the 10 most popular blog posts published on this blog from January to June, 2014:

  1. Top 5 Fishy April Fool’s Day #highered Web Homepages
    This post celebrated the creativity of digital teams on this very special day for all college websites.April 1st 2014 - University of Rochester
  2. What’s wrong with the redesigned Bucknell University website?
    In this post, I gave the web team at Bucknell University the opportunity to address some pretty negative feedback about its redesigned website.
  3. Why and how to get access to Twitter Analytics for your #highered account
    If you’ve been looking for a cheap (free?) way to get some analytics data about your school’s Twitter account activity, this post is for you.
    Twitter Analytics
  4. Meet #hewebpitt conference closing keynote: Brad Frost on Present-Friendly Web, Atomic Design & #highered websites
    As part of the support Higher Ed Experts provides to the High Ed Web Regional Conferences, I’ve interviewed the 4 keynotes of these great smaller conferences. This first interview with Brad Frost was definitely the most popular one with my readers.
  5. Why #highered should get excited about Universal Analytics & Google Tag Manager
    When I see GA, I don’t think “Graduate Assistant” like some of you. Nope, I automatically think about Google Analytics. In this post, I interviewed Stephane Hamel, an academic and a consultant, to get the scoop about the new version of Google Analytics and the solution to simplify all your tagging issues.
    Google Universal Analytics
  6. Higher Ed Content Voices: 13 great tips to create better content from #highered pros
    Content strategy has become so important that it’s no wonder this post full of great tips from the 13 presenters of the 1st Higher Ed Content Conference made this list.
    2014 Higher Ed Content Conference
  7. No time left to measure #highered marketing, really?
    I wrote this post to run a test on the LinkedIn Network. It got 144 views at the time of this writing on LinkedIn, but resulted in 499 pageviews on this blog even if it was published a week after. More important than this little experiment, the post goes through a very, very common excuse issue when it comes to measurement in our industry.
    No time?
  8. Suffolk 365: An innovative integrated #hesm campaign to reach out to alums, students & more
    This post focused on a very interesting integrated campaign that was implemented at Suffolk University.
  9. 2 tools to help you tackle what 2014 will bring to your #highered job
    With the constant current fight for our attention, the 2 tools I mentioned in this post can still help you a lot.
    2014 resolution
  10. The next big thing(s) for #highered Analytics in 2014
    In this post, the 11 presenters of the 2nd Higher Ed Analytics conference were looking at their crystal ball to predict the future back in January.
    Higher Ed Analytics Conference - Speaker Line-up
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