Win a free pass for the eduWeb conference featuring Jeff Selingo, @chronicle editor-at-large

June 6th, 2013 Karine Joly 37 Comments

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After introducing Tony Dunn’s keynote this past Monday at the HighEdWeb WEST conference in Orange, CA to a great group of higher ed professionals, I’m very pleased to announce that Higher Ed Experts is going to help another conference, eduWeb, bring to you a great speaker in Boston this July.

And, you know why you should really care about the news?

– because YOU have a chance to win a free conference pass to attend eduWeb (a $650 value), as Shelley Wetzel, the conference director, has accepted my request for a free pass to be drawn among you, my dear readers :-)

You will be able to attend the whole conference (you have to pay for your travel and lodging expenses though) – and you will have a seat at our reserved table (in the front) during this keynote.

Jeff Selingo at eduWeb thanks to Higher Ed Experts support

Jeff Selingo

Jeff Selingo, the author of “College Unbound” and editor-at-large at the Chronicle of Higher Education, will present the second keynote at the eduWeb conference on July 30.

If you haven’t had a chance yet to listen to his talk on the College of Tomorrow, this is a wonderful opportunity to get updated (and maybe worried a bit) about the future of higher education.

I haven’t read his book yet, but it’s definitely on my reading list for July, so you’ll hear about it soon on this blog.

I’ve heard a lot of feedback about Selingo’s book though – some loved it, others not so much.

College Unbound by Jeff SelinAs I’m sure you’ve noticed, technology has been very disruptive in our sector (and Mark Greenfield has been warning us about it for the past 5 years with his talk on the flattening of higher education).

Blame the MOOCs, the economy or tuition rise, but the future looks uncertain.

This is why Jeff Selingo’s talk is so important for higher ed web, marketing and communication professionals.
This is why Higher Ed Experts has decided to sponsor this keynote.

So, how can you win the FREE eduWeb Conference pass?

Super simple.

Just post below a short comment to tell us why you want to attend the eduWeb conference next month in Boston (originality is welcome, but not required as the winner will be randomly drawned among entries :-).

You have until Tuesday, June 11, 2013 (end of the day) to post your comment, but do it now before you forget.

I’ll announce the name of the winner in my newsletter next Wednesday, at the top of this post and will email him/her as well (so make sure you include your email address when you post your entry).

37 Responses

  1. Holly says:

    We’ve many new positions in our office reflecting the need to address the vast changes in higher ed and the Web and the unrelenting speed of technological advances challenging us each and every day, so it’s critical to be able to mix and mingle with and listen to colleagues in the field for their insight and war stories in coping with it all! At the same time, budgets don’t allow for travel as they used to. So a “free pass” to eduWeb would be wonderful!

  2. Marie says:

    I would love to be able to attend eduWeb. I am currently working towards my goal of becoming part of a university’s web team, and this would be a phenomenal opportunity to learn from the best!

  3. Jeff says:

    I have been lobbying to attend eduWeb for several years, but tight budgets have made it difficult. So I’ve settled for participating online, which has been helpful but obviously not as good as being there.

  4. Leah Davis says:

    Greetings, I just began a new position at IIT Stuart School of Business in Chicago, and I’ve been tasked with overhauling our website content and structure. Attending this conference would be a great opportunity!

    Thank you,

  5. Pat says:

    We have a number of distinct colleges/schools within our university (some on difference CMS platforms) which can cause difficulty keeping consistency in our branding…especially with each college wanting to promote their individual strengths (and rightfully so!). I would love the chance to learn from top professionals in the higher ed web industry and exchange ideas, attend the great list of sessions and see if anyone else has similar issues.

  6. Mindie Paget says:

    Working in a small shop at the school level rather than the university level, it’s easy to lose sight of the larger higher ed landscape — as it exists now and as it’s shaping up for the next five or 10 years. Conferences like eduWeb pull me out of my shell, give me an opportunity to breathe deeply, and encourage me to think more broadly and contextually. Here’s a haiku to sum it up:

    Can’t see the forest
    for the trees. Perspective scarce.
    Answer: eduWeb.

  7. Steve says:

    Small privates face slippery slopes ahead; I’m looking to hone our college’s e-navigation skills and where better to do so than Boston?

  8. Sheryl says:

    I would love the opportunity to hear from today’s higher ed thought leaders and to connect with peers about how to implement new online strategies. Conferences are a great way to recharge and help generate new ideas and enthusiasm for our work, and eduWeb looks like one of the best!

  9. Ilene says:

    I would love to hear the new keynote speaker, Jeff Selingo!

  10. Curt says:

    Attending this conference would be an incredible opportunity. Budgets are tight, so it hasn’t been an option in recent years. With a website redesign on the horizon, and numerous other marketing and communication projects, eduWeb would be a fantastic conference to stay current on the latest in higher education. Thank you!

  11. Travis L says:

    The future of higher education is clearly up in the air.It would be very interesting to see what new information Mr. Selingo brings to the conference!

  12. Selingo’s book and talk sound phenomenal!

    My story: After wondering what to do with my life for the past few years, and discovering the possibilities in the higher ed web field, I’m diving in head-first (a decision made partly through what I’ve learned and the folks I’ve met through Higher Ed Experts!) I’m starting a new job a week from Monday. So I don’t want to ask for my new employer to cough up money for a conference until I prove to them that I am awesome… wish me luck! Thanks!

  13. Anna says:

    I work in a small office and it would be really helpful to network with other professionals dealing with the same issues I do. This conference looks great.

  14. GE says:

    #eduwebconf is a great conference that provides awesome opportunities for learning and sharing! Would love to be a part of it.

  15. Meaghan says:

    Having recently (past 6 months) taken responsibility for the majority of our social media content, I know that there is an infinite amount of information that I can take away from the EduWeb Conference and improve our university’s social media presence!

    Plus, budget constraints only allow us to send one attendee to EduWeb this year, and everyone wants to go!

  16. Amy says:

    Attending eduWeb would provide me a wonderful opportunity to learn from the best in regards to the unique postion of dealing with the web in a highered environment. We all know that web development is fun and exciting, but it is a different beast when dealt with in a University environment. I always love to learn from experts in this field.

  17. Amber Balash says:

    Wow – I would love the opportunity to hear this speaker – especially as a representative from a small, private Christian college…

    Thanks so much for offering this contest!

  18. I’d love to go – but I’m also expecting baby #3 that week so chance are good that if I win I’ll pick one of my lucky co-workers to go in my place.

  19. Gretchen says:

    I’d love to attend the conference in Boston. Our professional development budget has been cut, but I might be able to get them to pay for my flight if the conference is covered.

    Hope I get drawn!

  20. Avalee says:

    This sounds like a great opportunity to attend a conference I might not otherwise be able to. The schedule looks great and so do the keynotes :-)

  21. Theresa says:

    I look forward to hearing Jeff Selingo’s talk at this year’s conference!

  22. Roberta says:

    I am currently guiding our university through a website redesign. I am learning so much and would love to share ideas with others at the conference and keRn from the experience of others.

  23. Heidi says:

    Thanks for the chance to win entry to the eduWeb conference! HighEdWeb is the only other conference I’ve been to that directly relates to my job.

    I manage the web site for the distance learning arm of a public university. I started here in the middle of a major branding initiative for the DL department. About a year later, I was given the dept’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to manage as well.

  24. Tasha says:

    I’ve been working on higher ed websites for 15 years and due to budget constraints I’ve never been able to attend eduWeb. We’re in the midst of a website redesign and in addition to being part of that team, I am the project lead for the complete overhaul of the online calendar component. The insights gained and information-sharing and networking opportunities attending eduWeb would give me would be priceless!

  25. Michelle says:

    I’d love to hear Jeff speak, and as we are in our final 18 months of our campaign, I could use as many resources as possible while thinking through our new electronic comms strategies.

  26. Eleanor says:

    I have never been to eduWeb, but have wanted to for the last 6 years. Unfortunately, budget cuts have always prevented it. I am probably repeating everything that everyone else has already stated, but I would learn lots and be able to network with all of these outstanding web/communications/marketing folks.

  27. Joanie says:

    In the midst of merging two university websites into one…. what a task! Sure could use some best practices and conversations with others in the higher ed boat!

  28. Liz Snow says:

    This would be a great opportunity to learn, gain new perspectives and network with others working with the Web in Higher Ed. The schedule at the conference has many sessions and keynote speakers that appear interesting and relevant to our university and my team.

  29. Although I haven’t read the book, we all know this time is a information-technology renaissance and technology will continue to disrupt. Redbox and Netflix brought down powerhouse Blockbuster within a few short years changing the movie rental business model forever. Cloud computing is another disruptor with Dropbox, Evernote, and other companies and we will see this play in corporate/higher-ed technology infrastructures within the next couple of years returning us back to dumb-terminals as well. Higher Ed can be immune to some market forces and disruptions but the MOOC model has a real chance of flipping education on is head and if I was in higher education administration I would be trying to take advantage of it not trying to prevent it. With regard to the conference, it’s always good to fellowship and learn with colleagues within the industry and I would love to attend. Recently I spoke at and attend HighedWeb-Florida ( and would love to attend another. Cheers!

  30. Kelly Anne says:

    As part of a small team, we are always looking for opportunities to learn and improve our skills. Being able to learn and network with other higher ed web folks is such a valuable opportunity.

  31. Mike says:

    I’m not going to lie….I want to have a beer at a Boston Irish pub with Jeff. That’s where the true learning is done. Over a Guinness, in a pub. More problems have been solved, more learning accomplished over a Guinness than have been at all the web conferences combined.

  32. I would love to attend!

  33. Traci says:

    In order to compete with the big dogs, my community college needs every advantage it can to stand out on digital and social media. This conference sounds like it would help give us a great advantage!

  34. Victoria says:

    We’ve had a new website locked and loaded for more than a year, thriving social media, and exciting advances in our online advertising—but there’s no rest for the wicked! It’s time to revisit our strategic marketing plan for our online presence and get inspired to do more of what matters. Would love to meet fellow higher ed marketing professionals, share my knowledge of web analytics and social media marketing, and learn new best practices, tools, and technology at the eduWeb Conference.

  35. Thank you for the opportunity for a pass to eduWeb! I am a one-person web manager, working with a phenomenal contract web developer and a small budget. Being able to attend a conference is rare. Attending eduWeb could make my year!

  36. Sam Wagner says:

    Website redesign… Move to in-house print collateral… Help…

  37. Billy says:

    I’m currently struggling to convince my UK university to contribute towards my attendance at this conference, free attendance would make a big difference!

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