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May 10th, 2013 Karine Joly 1 Comment

If you don’t have a responsive website yet and you’re reading this post, chances are you are working on it or are convinced this is the way to go with your higher ed website.

However, some of you might work for institutions where the pros and cons of responsive websites are still debated.

Well, fire up your email client or printer, because my latest Internet Technologies column is just for you :-)

Published in the May 2013 issue of University Business, “To Go or Not to Go … Responsive,” explains why institutions should go responsive by discussing 3 top reasons:

  1. We live in a multi-device world!
  2. Mobile and tablet web traffic on university websites is on the rise.
  3. More and more institutions have chosen to go responsive.

In this article, I’m also sharing in a short “online extra”, “Planning a Responsive Redesign: Mind your Content!”, why content (and not code) is the most challenging and important part for any responsive web project including shout-outs to Haverford College, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and Lynn University.

Haverford College - Admissions Site

Haverford College made sure new content would work with their new Admissions responsive website launched in February 2013 (fabulous screeshot courtesy of Am I Responsive?)

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