12 must-read LINK posts about #heweb12: the blogged edition

October 17th, 2012 Karine Joly No Comments

While I wasn’t in Milwaukee at the higher ed web conference last week, I made a point of spending 2 hours yesterday reading EVERY SINGLE post of the 36 published on LINK (Way to go, Team LINK!) during the conference. I blogged my first conference in July 2005. I know how much work is involved but these posts are so much more useful than the tidbits you get from twitter.

My goal was to learn more about the sessions I missed but also to prepare a selection of the 12 must-read #heweb12 write-ups – because YOU might not have the time to read 36 ;0) So, here it is in NO particular order:

  1. I don’t have your Ph.D Working with Faculty and the Web
    The ultimate guide to work against with faculty members. This presentation by Amanda Costello won the best of conference award.
  2. Web Accessibility: 30 Tips in 45 Minutes
    Didn’t get to attend the presentation? No problem, Doug Miller from DePaul University who blogged this session did list all the tips. That’s what I call super useful blogging :-)
  3. Terrific Teaching Technology Tales: Marketing Through Stories
    Publication folks KNOW stories. That’s why this presentation from Jamie Oberdick, associate editor of publications at Penn State is insightful.
  4. WordPress to the nth Power: Multisite and Beyond
    Some good information on WordPress on steroids
  5. Campus Change Agent: Building a Campus Web Community Where There is None
    Great tips in Matt Herzberger’s presentation on all the soft skills required to make the Web work at your institution made it into this well-structured write-up
  6. #uwrightnow: Integrating your social, web, editorial and marketing networks
    When I first heard about this social media campaign, I was really impressed. In this post, you get a good idea on how UW pulled it off and what they learned in the process.
  7. Designing for Next Steps: A Forward-looking User Experience
    Nick DeNardis who gave this presentation is a true expert. The write-up is short but provides some good tips
  8. You have an iPhone. Now What?
    Here you’ll find a collection of links to supercharge your iPhone with great useful apps
  9. No Such Thing As TMI: How to Create a Culture of Sharing
    Social media efforts  crave content. Presenter Donna Talarico provides good tips on how to get the whole campus community providing it ;-)
  10. Rethinking the Virtual Tour: An Immersive Experience that’s More Than A Map
    Short and to-the-point post that presents an interesting case study from Rochester Institute of Technology including a link to the final virtual tour. The virtual tour uses street-view images and audio narration. An experience very close to taking a campus tour with tour guides.
  11. The Future of Higher Ed: A Canary in the Coalmine of Higher Education
    In her presentation Lori Packer shares her experience taking a MOOC at Coursera and a regular online course at another institution. The blog provides some useful tidbits.
  12. Reach Out and Touch Someone: Marshall McLuhan and the Tactile Web
    A very short write-up about this session that tried to take a look at the future of the web.
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