Visually Speaking: The 2012 State of Social Media and Web Analytics in #highered #eduweb12

July 31st, 2012 Karine Joly 1 Comment

I’m presenting today at the eduWeb conference about a topic dear to my heart (I know: I’m weird):
the state of online analytics in higher education.

While I’ve already shared the results of this survey in a PDF report, this is the first time I’m publishing a more visual take on it (my presentation slides) along with a short 2-minute interview of yours truly that was done in June at the UBTech conference where I also gave this presentation.

And, if you’re not the visual type, you can also find the gist of my talk in the article I wrote for the June 2012 issue of University Business.

You see, you have no choice. I’ve covered most of the media out there. So, why not get on with the “online analytics” program, now? ;0)

If you have attended my presentation, thanks for your time! You can find the slides and the resources I mentioned below.

Don’t you think I look silly caught like this in the middle of a sentence? So, do I.
Pro tip: never mess up with the Video people, they’ll always get back at you – one way or another ;0)

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