Higher Ed Experts Webinars: Email Newsletters, Photo, Video, Live Streaming, Web Content Strategy, WordPress and Redesign

October 27th, 2010 Karine Joly No Comments

Now that I’m almost done with conference season (4 down -EduComm, eduWeb, High Ed Web & SIM Tech- and 1 to go – CASE conference for publication professionals), it’s time to share the program I designed with my faculty team from Higher Ed Experts for folks working in institutions.

As I explained last week at SIM Tech to a couple of conference attendees, webinars are a great way to train teams (and bring the right message/gospel home to your boss).

This time again, I’ve tried to put a program to help you do your job even better at a time where you are asked to do a lot more with a lot less (time, money, staff…)

As usual, places are limited, so it’s always wise to register ahead of time if you want to secure a spot for your team. You can register by visiting each of the dedicated web addresses of the series. And, if you have any questions, feel free to email karine@higheredexperts.com – always happy to help.

Email Newsletters 360: How to publish email newsletters that get read

November 16 & 17, 2010 – 1PM-2PM ET
“Email Newsletter 360″ is a 2-webinar series that will help you create and produce powerful and effective email newsletters to inform and communicate with your internal and external audiences. Whether you’re trying to cut cost by replacing a print newsletter by its electronic counterpart or you want to provide more timely news and updates to your audience, this series will offer winning strategies, best practices, tools and practical tips. You will also learn how to use email analytics to identify the interests of your readers and how to streamline your newsletter production process.

Professional Photos, Videos and Live Streams 101: Strategies and Tips From Campus Pros

January 18-20, 2011 – 1PM-2PM ET
“Professional Photos, Videos and Live Streams 101″ is a 3-webinar series that will help you learn (or train your campus content contributors on) how to take photos, shoot videos and live stream events like a pro. With tighter budgets and the increasing need for multimedia content, more and more communication, marketing, publication and web professionals are asked to take photos, shoot videos or live stream events without any formal training. This series is designed to offer winning strategies and practical tips to improve the quality of your photos, videos or live streaming events on a shoestring for teams who can’t rely on a professional photographer, videographer or live streaming expert.

Master Class by Kristina Halvorson: Content Strategy for Higher Ed Institutions

February 9, 2011 – 1PM-2PM ET
Dealing with web content is hard. It’s complicated, expensive, time-consuming, and often overwhelming. There’s new content. Legacy content. User-generated content. Print to web. Text to video. Static to dynamic. The list goes on and on. And for universities, colleges and schools, distributed publishing (and unusually high mountains of content!) introduces entirely new levels of complexity.
Good news: The practice of content strategy gives us tools and processes that can help bring order out of your content chaos. Content strategy plans for the creation, delivery, and governance of content your audiences actually care about. Learn how to introduce it into your organization and climb the content mountain, step by step.

WordPress University: Strategies, tools and shortcuts for WordPress-based higher ed websites

March 22-24, 2011 – 1PM-2PM ET
“WordPress University” is a 3-webinar series that will show you how to make WordPress work for your institution (and your sanity by solving many of your web problems). Whether you want to use WordPress to power your main website or to let your campus units easily manage their own web presence while preserving consistency and branding, the open-source platform WordPress can do far more than mere blogging. The faculty of this webinar series will not only teach you how this is done, but will also share tips, tricks, shortcuts and a selection of WP plugins for higher ed.

Website Redesign Boot Camp: What you need to know to get ready for your next web redesign

April 12-14, 2011 – 1PM-2PM ET
“Website Redesign Boot Camp” is a 3-webinar series that will help you get ready for your next (or first) big (or small) website redesign by providing a great overview of the latest web design trends in higher education, lessons learned from a successful big redesign project as well as a guide to iterative smaller web redesigns.

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