Get a taste of the Institutional Web Management Workshop held in the UK from your desk

July 28th, 2009 Karine Joly 1 Comment

I love conferences.

Unfortunately, I can’t go to all of them – especially when they take place in Europe. So do most of you, I bet.

That’s why I really enjoyed watching earlier this morning the live stream of the keynote given by Professor Derek Law (University of Strathclyde) at the IWMW 2009 conference held until July 30 at the University of Essex in the UK: Headlights on Dark Roads

IWMW is THE web conference in the UK.

The organizers have done a great job at integrating social media and video streaming to offer a great experience to remote attendees. All the plenary talks are offered live from the website of the University of Essex. You can even ask a question – as I did this morning – by tweeting it to @briankelly

Starting tomorrow (July 29) at 9AM ET, Higher Ed Experts will also offer the FREE webinar versions of 2 sessions presented at this conference that were pre-recorded a couple of weeks ago:

  • Where’s the University? Building an institutional geolocation service (50 minutes)
    Janet McKnight and Sebastian Rahtz, Oxford University Computing Services
  • Using Amazon Web Services (45 minutes)
    Mike Richwalsky, Allegheny College

Just check out to find out how to access these recordings.