Holiday Cards: The University of Maryland does it again with a nice online video

December 12th, 2008 Karine Joly 11 Comments

I wrote about UM holiday card last year, so I guess that’s why Linda Martin, Executive Director Web and New Media Strategies sent a link to the 2008 edition this morning:

Like last year, the 2-minute video is also available on Youtube (56 views at the time of this writing):

‘Tis the season (even though it doesn’t feel like it sometimes with all the bad economic/budget news), so why don’t you share with us the holiday card of your institution by posting a comment. If I get a few, I’ll feature them in a future post.

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  1. aaron says:

    Our holiday card is at Love the Maryland card and hope we get the video resources to do something like that next year.

  2. This is our first year to create an e-holiday greeting from our president. It is located on the president’s web site. I have given you the direct web site for the actual card.

    I have had this scene in my mind for about three years after actually walking out of Beardshear Hall following the annual holiday lighting festivities and seeing the tree, luminaries and snow falling. Alumni and staff are e-mailing our president and me about how the scene almost brings them to tears and they are playing it over and over again. Carole Custer, director of university marketing, Iowa State University

  3. Michael says:

    Here’s the one produced by Georgia Tech Communications & Marketing:

  4. Judy says:

    Very cool. Nice job UM!

  5. Casey Paquet says:

    UM always does a great job, sure wish I had some of the resources they do!

    We here at Eckerd College went with full video this year for the first time after 3 years of animation. These have all been done in-house by our Web team and feature the very good-natured President and Dean of Admission.

    If you haven’t seen our others before you can check them out below:

    2007 –
    2006 –
    2005 –

    And this was last year’s Advancement/Development card, one of my favorites:

    Happy Holidays!
    Eckerd College

  6. Linda Martin says:

    FYI: The University of Maryland holiday greeting has always been filmed completely in-house by an incredibly creative video team consisting of one director and one film editor.

  7. Colin Fast says:

    Red River College’s 2008 holiday card. Santa gets arrested. Rudolph gets crushed. The President wears suit pajamas.

  8. Casey Paquet says:

    Wow, Colin, that’s great. Who did the animation? Love how you get the programs in there, nicely done!


  9. We went green too and sent out digital Christmas cards from Malone University:

    Each area who pitched in for the card received their own ‘slide’ at the end with personalized signatures.

    The local firm who worked on it has four alums which made it even more fun for them!

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